Hi, I’m JoAnne.  This website was inspired by a simple facebook page created as an aid for myself and half a dozen girlfriends to store and access recipes for when we met for big freezer meal making days. When I made it public access I had no idea that 4 years later I would have 5000 followers. I was simply a mom trying to find an easy way to feed my family on a hectic schedule. Apparently I am not alone in this. As the facebook page grew I had multiple requests to create a BLOG. The very thought of that terrified me. I am now entering a different phase of life as my kids are leaving the nest and I have more time to do those things that have been simmering on the back burner. So here it is, The Launch of The Essentially Organized Life. As hard as we try to keep an organized home none of us have truly reached perfection in this area. This page is a safe place to encourage you as you strive to keep the chaos in your home to a minimum. No judgement allowed.

My goal is to help you organize meals while avoiding that overwhelming feeling that keeps you from even starting. I have put together a compilation of freezer meal recipes that I hope you will discover to be a huge blessing in your life. I also have a few tips and suggestions to share. Things that I wish I knew when my kids were younger. It would have made life so much easier in those days of rushing to school meetings, swim practice, dance and music lessons.

I have also become very passionate about essential oils over the past couple of years. Therefore, I wanted to incorporate that part of my life into this BLOG site as well. I have many tips and essential oil recipes to pass along to help support your family both physically and emotionally while at the same time avoiding toxins and chemicals that are in most of our daily products such as cleaners, scented candles, air-fresheners and over the counter health solutions. I hope that you will also enjoy this additional part of the site.

Thank you to my loyal facebook followers. This would not be happening without you. I hope this expansion in what I have to offer is just what you were waiting for.


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