Bullet Proof Coffee

A Paleo/ketogenic diet focuses on eating low carb and using healthy fats as fuel for your body. This delicious bullet proof coffee is a great replacement for a mocha latte. It contains enough healthy fats to carry you over that mid afternoon slump. Even if its a decaffeinated coffee. MCT oil is concentrated medium chain fatty acids derived from coconut oil and other oils that boosts energy and metabolism.  Cacao is known as a super food that is full of antioxidants.   It is raw which means it is the purest form of chocolate you can find.  Ghee is clarified butter. Another antioxidant super food rich in Vitamin A, E and K2. It is great for those intolerant to dairy and Casein.

Bullet Proof Coffee

8-10 oz Brewed Organic Coffee

1 TBSP Cacao powder

1 TBSP MCT oil

1 tsp Ghee

Pinch of salt

Allow the coffee to cool a little bit so that the heat doesn’t blow the blender open if its too hot.  Add all ingredients to a magic bullet type blender. Blend for approx 30 seconds, until its a nice frothy consistency.  Pour the blended contents into a mug and enjoy sipping on this warm treat.



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