Hawaiian Bacon Pineapple Burgers

This burger recipe may seem like an odd mix of flavour.  But its inspiration was my husbands favourite kind of pizza. Hawaiian. The sweet tang of the pineapple with the salty peameal bacon really makes this burger awaken the taste buds. Peameal bacon is Canadian bacon for all of my US friends.

Make 6 burgers


1lb extra lean ground beef

/4 Cup shredded sharp cheddar Cheese

1/4 Cup diced onion

1 tsp dried rosemary

3 TBSP Worcestershire Sauce

2 cloves garlic, minced

1/3 Cup bread crumbs

2 Eggs


Wearing plastic gloves mix everything in a bowl with your hands.

Form balls then form the balls into patties.

Wrap each patty individually in foil.

Place patties in medium size freezer bag.


6 slices peameal bacon


6 pineapple rings

BAG 4 LARGE FREEZER BAG Labeled with recipe name and cooking directions

Freeze or buy fresh 6 hamburger buns.


I find these burgers are best cooked from frozen.

Grill or panfry patties until cooked through.  Approx. 12-15 min.  Turning half way through.

Grill or panfry the peameal and pineapple rings. Approx 1-2 min per side.

Serve burgers, peameal and pineapple on hamburger buns.

Theses burgers are great served with corn on the cob or a salad.

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