Road Trip Essentials

It’s a 16 hour drive to pick up my daughter from University and a 16 hour drive back home.  So I definitely make sure to plan to take along some things that will help make the long trip a little easier.

  • A friend to help navigate, make me laugh and share the driving.
  • A tick list of directions and landmarks to watch for along the way to help pass the time.
  • An uplifting, energetic playlist loaded on my device. Yes, I do realize that this increases the risk that seat dancing just might occur.
  • Snacks to keep me energized and prevent the dreaded ‘Hangry’ from showing up uninvited.
  • doTERRAs Deep Blue essential oil to prevent a stiff neck and headache.
  • Road trip essential oil diffuser blend to keep me focused and energized.

I like this diffuser blend because of the uplifting and energizing effects of Wild Orange and Peppermint. And the focus and grounding properties of Frankincense.  Sometimes I will add a drop of basil as an extra support for my adrenals if I’m feeling particularly stressed.

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