Breaded Italian Cod

My boys LOVE to fish.  In the winter its ice fishing and in the summer they will disappear for hours in the boat. Most of the time they throw back what they catch, but I Love when they come in all smiles with a catch big enough for supper. Although this recipe calls for Cod, any light flavoured fish can be substituted.  This light fish dinner is great served on a hot day with a fresh salad.

Bag 1 – Medium freezer bag

4 small Cod fillets

Bag 2 – Medium freezer bag

1 tsp lemon juice

2 Tbsp Mayonnaise

Bag 3 – medium freezer bag

¼ Bread crumbs.

1/4 cup Parmesan cheese

½ tsp Italian seasoning

1/8 tsp garlic powder

1/8 tsp pepper 

Bag 4 – Large freezer bag: Label with recipe name Breaded Italian Cod And cooking directions

Place bags 1,2 &3 inside large labelled Freezer bag


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F

Brush the lemon & mayonnaise  mixture over each fillet.

Coat each fillet in bread crumbs mixture.

Place on a baking pan and bake 20 min or until fish flakes nicely.

Serve with rice or sweet potato fries and salad

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