When I first thought about the idea of freezer meal bulk cooking it seemed like a very overwhelming endeavour.  I thought where do I even start? I saw BLOGS where moms spent a full day making 40 meals. A big shout out to those amazing moms, but this wasn’t for me. I decided a more gradual approach was better suited to me.

I developed a bulk prep process that is a little different from the typical make-ahead method. I prep 4 meals of the same recipe. It is so much quicker to make multiple meals of the same recipe while the ingredients are already out. I’m a bit of a creature of habit and don’t mind repeating a meal after a week or so.

The second trick I developed was a strategic plan of frozen staples that consisted of chopped and diced, onions, peppers and veggies, shredded cheese, cubed meats and pre-cooked ground meats. This became my foundation for a quick freezer meal prep.

When I start from a low stock of freezer meals I choose simple recipes that are mainly sauces with a meat.  As I see my freezer starting to fill I begin to feel like I can start spending time on more time consuming recipes.  Within a few weeks I have a freezer full of meals. It is such a good feeling to know I have all these meals stocked and ready to go.

This method has not only been less stressful for me than a marathon prep of 40 meals in a day, but is also less stressful on the wallet. I can shop by sales and purchase food spread out over a few weeks rather than in one big shop.

Here is a typical place to start if you are new to the concept of freezer meals or need a jump start to getting your freezer stocked.

All set up to prep 8 meals. I chose 2 really simple recipes, Swedish Meatballs and Sweet and Sour Pineapple Chicken.


30 minutes later I have 8 meals ready for the freezer. What is my secret time saving tip? I already had pre-cooked meatballs and cubed chicken in the freezer with my staples.


While I was bulk prepping look what I had baking behind the scenes. Delicious French Toast Muffins! The kids are going to love these when they get home.

My total time spent in making these 9 recipes was 60 minutes from set up to clean up. That is approximately 6.5 minutes per meal!!! You can’t beat that!  I would love to hear your time saving tips and techniques to getting your freezer stocked with ease.

For recipes like these and more tips to filling your freezer quickly and easily you can purchase my book, The Ultimate Make-Ahead Cookbook by clicking HERE for Canada and HERE for the US link.

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