Invigorating Diffuser Blend

Are you in need of an energy boost? Whether you had a sleepless night and need help waking up, or are hitting the wall in a mid afternoon slump or you simply need a boost to get you through a tough workout. This blend should do the trick.  The combination of Peppermint, Doterras Elevation and Citrus Bliss essential oils work together to uplift mood, increase focus, energize and refresh the body  Not to mention it smells amazing.

This blend can also be made into a roller bottle for topical application.

In a 10 ml roller bottle mix 6 drops Peppermint, 3 drops Elevation, and 9 drops Citrus Bliss essential oils. Top off with fractionated coconut oil.  Apply to wrists, temples and the back of the neck as needed. To purchase doTERRA essential oils CLICK HERE

To Purchase roller bottles in Canada CLICK HERE in the USA CLICK HERE

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